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We must stand in the history correct at the same time.

Shut-eye awakes, this article is written down in Beijing before dawn, because we witnessed the history again,be.

Be in go 24 hours, sino-US each produced two major issues. We were witnessed already most the joyance of hearten letting a person, also saw most the gut that free and easy rises and fall, still witnessed most the tragedy that makes a person distressed.

Still say the United States first.

The first important matter of American, most the tragedy that makes a person distressed.

Saying is an important matter, because,be honest too let a person astonish, challenge the person’s bottom line.

” wall street daily ” an exclusive report brushs screen, announced a brutal reality: Be in the sunset park of area of Lu Ke of new York cloth, since this year April, 650 bodies are put in refrigerant lorry all the time…

April still is the season that oriental cherry blooms, now already is the cold winter of depression of 10 thousand wood.

So long, so much dies person, why cannot be buried is how?

The article is analysed, among them 230 deads, look for the family member that is less than them all the time; Still have a lot of family members, assume at all do not rise bury the family member’s charge!

Alas, do not want to say what detail more, actually a lot of detail, you should be clear. One big early, read this article, the mood is depressed very.

No matter be which compatriots, without giving thought to what reason, they are people!

650 on refrigerant car die person, be how many American rear is helpless with tear.

New York is heaven, the United States’ most flourishing city; New York also is Tartarean, an American present epitome.

An ash of the times, fall to these American poll, it is a hill.

The 2nd important matter of American, most the gut that free and easy rises and fall.

Telangpu the mood should be very depressed. Very infrequent, in the past full 24 hours, like to send him what push most, sent two to push only special.

Abnormal, very abnormal.

Want to know, be in pleasurable when, he sends 100 one day 200, it is not curious.

Such OK even saying: Look around whole world, telangpu is being sent introduce to respect course of study and active, dou Wangchen of editor of all new media not reachs the whole world; Want to know especially, he is not Everyman, he is the generalissimo of attend to numerous affairs everyday.

If do not have missay, 24 hours send two to push only special, also achieve Telangpu latter hair turns least record.

Telangpu the mood is very low, be in because of the situation take a sudden turn and become worse rapidly.

A few lawsuit of accuse election fraud, each out of court. Old man of many republic party, already appealed he admits to be defeated as soon as possible anthology. Still have, just gave a news of furnace, one returns the star that defending actively for him a few days ago female lawyer, declare and he ends cooperative relationship.

More interesting is, telangpu is pushed twice of hair special, one thinks ” adversary is too mean ” ; Another alleges ” we can win ” . It is chela just is given out, the rear foot is pushed special the government makes label: Telangpu’s view is open to question…

A generalissimo, good not easy hair is pushed twice, two are hit ” make a holiday ” label. Pardonable Telangpu enthusiasm wanes to the close, did not send!

But country changes nature easily to move hard, a moment ago looked, god-given calm after 24 hours, telangpu begins to send again pushed, but do not have apparently before diligent, dialect also compares Bei cool.

A of this may adumbrative United States political field major transition.

Lying between the Pacific Ocean of vast, american night, be Chinese dawn.

The first important matter of Chinese, most the message of excitement letting a person.

Anyway, the friend of before dawn time is encircled, those who brush screen is the picture that goddess in the moon approachs a month 5 numbers and video.

Nocturnal aerial picture very shake, the video that bringing emissive sound provides wallop more.

Unit editor is very excited also, like to sleep most at ordinary times of lie-in they, did not arrive to call at 5 o’clock come over, urge me very impolitely to get up rapidly processing manuscript…

Be worth excitement really.

This goddess in the moon will be to have no longer go notting have time, can land on the moon not only, and the moon sample that still will collect about two kilograms, return home next.

This second mission is successful, after China will become afterwards United States and Russia the 3rd goes up from the moon the country of resumptive example.

What be worth to be carried more is, the word that uses a friend says, chinese goddess in the moon 5, what will bring back is the youngest moon sample book that throughout history returns the earth.

Should not too long, the Chinese also will ascend a moon.

Our journey is stars sea, how people can you make a person excited?

The 2nd important matter of China, the success with the most far-reaching meaning.

We look up at sky, we more want hardheaded.

I always think, this ability was in the past 24 hours the success with the most far-reaching meaning — China follows all impoverished counties to say good-bye.

On November 23 afternoon, guizhou Province announces: Save impoverished county to take off deficient entirely completely. So far, county of poverty of level of 832 states of our country, take off deficient to pick a cap entirely.

This is benevolent rule of a through the ages undoubtedly. No matter angle looks from which,be.

Besides China, also should do not have any country, can perserve next atmosphere muscularity dimensions help deficient up so!

Especially very special this year, incur of whole world economy inflicts heavy losses on, china takes the lead in walking out of a shadow not only, and still can announce deficient as scheduled, more the do solid work that reflected a Chinese and spell interest.

Among this, have the sweat of how many person and tear; Still have the youth that more or less helps deficient cadre and dedication, so that life.

Very interesting, be in same day, mix all the time recently the Australian premier Morison of Chinese be difficult with sb, nod assist publicly also for China. 23 days of his evening plaint when England makes a speech: Won’t which country can resemble China in that way, let more people cast off poverty.

Chinese do what one says, morison should have feeling very much!

Of course, this world, be in go 24 hours, still produced a lot of things.

Although Telangpu still emulative, but do obeisance to ascend still be in intense preparation, announced Secretary of State, country installs the person selected of many main station such as chief inspector of minister, information.

Telangpu’s country installs advisory Aobulaien, without a stop visited guest of law of Vietnam He Fei, do not give proleptic ground to continue China of bring shame on, these countries meet draw sb over to one’s side China.

Israel premier Neidaniyahu, secret be exposinged to the sun visited sand spy, held first time to talk face-to-face with sand spy crown prince, middle east pattern is quickening evolution in…

How to look?

Still was at 3 o’clock shallow.

The first, we still should regain consciousness.

The more the moment of truth, brains should regain consciousness the more. Must see, we obtained historic accomplishment, also facing unprecedented test, home is not happy event, on Internet, also have many things everyday, the domestic tragedy, do sth over and over again that rents a house, etc, let person anxious; Even if be to take off deficient, after a milepost, must be new try hard and struggle.

The United States also is not tragic, even if Russia thinks oneself vaccine becomes power early more than 90% , even if Chinese vaccine is behaved really very differ kind, but it is vaccine of company of American brightness luck after all, global stock market just goes up greatly. And, russia visit month, United States enters a month, had been a lot of years former thing.

We must see soberly, we return the inadequacy of existence and difference, next, cheer work!

The 2nd, the people’s livelihood just is the oldest politics.

Did not pay close attention to the height of the people’s livelihood, the esteem that does not have opposite life is awe-stricken, can we have the today’s positive result that take off deficient? Can we have is war pestilence successful today? Can we have full blood of economy to return? True, the moment of truth, thunder method, just be Bodhisattva heart, it is to be in office more ability.

Watch instead other this world, too much and too much bitter lesson.

Development is good sense, the people’s livelihood is the oldest politics. Still be leader that word: Development is the passkey that solves all problems. No matter be to eliminate the right path of life of epidemic situation influence, regain, still appease conflict convulsion, resolve humanitarian crisis, go up to want to rely on to be central development with people at all.

Do not forget people forever!

The 3rd, 2020 is a turning point of world history.

The likelihood says a bit greatly, but I always feel, after passing a few years to mix a few years, answer look, we should be met very see this clearly.

We can see, how does an east big country fluctuate be of one mind, make vigorous efforts to turn the situation, continue to advance towards the target next. We also see, a science and technology most develop, the western big country with the most advanced medical treatment, how to become the most miserable state, even if be general election, last ground chicken feather, let a whole world see joke.

Big country competes, was not gotten cursorily. Unwary result, it is people’s disaster, national tragedy.

2020, we witnessed another history, we also are one part of the history.

We must stand in the history correct at the same time.