成都新茶2020 93 things narrate journey the 73rd collect: Iron of people who volunteer to fight in another country memoir of primary big fight


Guide language: Found an army 93 years to celebrate a the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, sina military affairs spreads out especially ” 93 things narrate journey ” series serialize, with the harships course that 93 stories on my army history tell about people army 93 years.

Origin: Chinese national defence signs up for

Iron is located in the navel place of Korea peninsula formerly, it is the railroad hub between Korea north and south and famous paddy rice place of production, 3 railroad are handed in here meeting. Fundamental strategic situation brings disaster for it. End arrived in May 1951 June the middle ten days of a month, face of the aid that fight the United States in the 5th battle, chinese people people who volunteer to fight in another country is opposite in upland of south of iron former town ” U.N. army ” spread out tenacious nick to fight, a lot of army history personnel calls this campaign ” the battle of the life and death of people who volunteer to fight in another country ” .

Primary fight takes iron next mystery is round: Without bullet, without commissariat, horse and foot is backing down, the enemy is being pursued and attack, below this kind of circumstance, people who volunteer to fight in another country was how to withstand ” U.N. army ” , and be very 14 days? Perhaps, only at that time the soldier of forefront, can tell us the truth.

Gunfire callosity

“Fanfulite plays dosage “

The U.S. Army is in iron of gunfire of former war from beginning to end violent be written into world military affairs history, people says for ” Fanfulite plays dosage ” — , U.S. Army Fanfulite is in commander of the 8th a group army to kickback wildly in, uses ammo amount is the U.S. Army fights the 5 times above that the regulation allows limitation, a few assemblyman of American home people because this is in afterwar put forward to want to investigate him, the ammunition that uses because of him is too much, the taxpayer that lets the United States cannot burden.

The U.S. Army’s gunfire reachs an unprecedented level at that time, u.S. Army air man is the artillery shell that such appearance see in sky explosive area — , ” over there estimation won’t have any biology to be able to live ” .

Should cry ” blood former “

A lot of moment, the armed forces of ground of people who volunteer to fight in another country that does not have ack-ack does not have the force of strike back at all, can concealment as far as possible only, concealment, concealment again, but the U.S. Army’s plane throws bomb however as wanting money same. If bomb as it happens falls around you, again good concealment to also do not have action. The old soldier of countless battle-scarred, the picked troops that counteracts Japanese army deal with 8 years to survive in look forward to is fierce will, disappear in this anonymous wild on.

“Iron former, should cry ‘ blood former ‘ . ” one has attended iron of primary fight veteran and lop eyelid, say mutteringly.

That momently, the word that the author can feel has only, that is: Solemn and respectful. Perhaps, had not laid the person that battle only, just can mix warlike picture into legend epic.

handsome tear

Commander Peng Dehuai

Peng heart conceives the photograph on Korea battlefield to do not have a few pieces in all, because who gives him to take a picture,he scolds who, and scold particularly badly. He says: “Illuminate according to what, 6 jins of millet! 6 jins of millet!!

Because the U.S. Army has the firepower of very preponderance and control of the air, people who volunteer to fight in another country is very much ground of one go into battle makes force smooth, when position fall, ceaselessly the soldier jumps cliff. Some company position are scorched by caky naplam of the U.S. Army entirely, land is broken up to amount to 2 meters by the U.S. Army’s gunfire!

At that time, headquarters of people who volunteer to fight in another country is in the empty temple gully of iron former west, be apart from 63 army position of defense of a gleam of more than meters 50. Peng Dehuai ascends a hillside constantly, toward look into the distance of iron former direction. The U.S. Army’s gunfire becomes one with in iron primary defense line gules, memory article says, the Peng De Huaiceng that iron bone clanks ” ahead is hoping to shed silent tears in midnight.

Army commander teach esteems green jade

Mention iron primary fight, people thinks of the first times, be Fu Chongbi without doubt 63 army. Be Zhao of swallow of this defray body ” iron army-invincible army ” dying recieves orders, withstood to death to death the U.S. Army’s most ferocious assault. This is 63 army army history in dimensions a war with the biggest, the the the longest, most intense, brutallest time, fu Chongbi is in the battle full thin 25 jins. Held the position of 1951 63 army when army commander, teach Chong Binian only 35 years old.

The miserable intense of primary big fight exceeds iron a lot of imaginations of strategics home, 63 army it is fast really make light, fu Chongbi did not have even piquet already quickly, so that make iron former, remove see Peng soldier, fu Chongbi asks exclusively even if — , ” I want arms ” . Peng Dehuai was patted at that time board — , ” I fill to you 20 thousand ” .

Division commander Cai Changyuan

63 army 189 division division commander is Cai Changyuan, because war situation is choppy, cai Changyuan led army of division straight guard to support to go up personally. In the battle, temporarily of command post concealment a cave in that be hit by U.S. Army artillery shell, cai Changyuan is wounded in the battle, be counteracted by the defence works from collapse bodyguard a dig comes out. When Cai Changyuan returns division headquarters, remnant a knickers, die later when cremation, chose 11 shrapnel unexpectedly.

After hassle passes, cai Changyuan leads troop from advocate position withdraws. The 189 division officers and soldiers that withdraws second line is mostly dressed in rage, tumble into bed, connect division commander Cai Changyuan not exceptional also. This division is in the in fighting loss with the U.S. Army is very big, save the rough draft that reinstates certainly to give this division, 63 army army commander Fu Chongbi gives orders 189 division withdraw front to shrink temporarily make up, hold the position of army total reserve force. When personnel of check the amount, cai Changyuan this ” iron general ” cannot help heating up a tear be filled with the socket of eye — , formidable 189 division organize a group quite only right now.

Recall a comrade-in-arms

Of a person commend meeting

“We are the dagger of 189 division joins people who volunteer to fight in another country repeatedly, we are discharged is dagger discharges even the dagger in, very picked troops. Call campaign, we are great merit is connected repeatedly, commend congress, went I am one. Connect 185 people completely, still remain 17, can go so that move, remain me… ” and also be 3 place are wounded since the Yang En that enters the stage that receive award.

“Not be to beat dead, ” poplar often say, “The injury that others suffers is more serious than me, go not to appear on the stage. Go not to appear on the stage..

Poplar old memory, that one battle, li Kai of his best comrade-in-arms, assistant squad leader is with respect to die in the last ditch beside him.

“British arms marksmanship is good, beater carries do not start. Li Kai, I am as good as him — , smooth wing, toss grenade one by one, the enemy kickbacks 3 times, let him be hit. Li Kai tosses grenade, I press him, say you are a bit lower, a bit lower, he says to do not have a thing, I absolutelied refuse to! I should absolutely refuse to, you everybody absolutelied refuse to! Throw then. At a draught our heart came down surely. He gathers up jacket smooth, helmet also was picked, otherwise picks helmet he also does not sacrifice. Finally, the enemy sends bullet to be hit on his head. Between the eyebrows gets shot him, second half build was done not have… “

Li Kai, 22 years old, shanxi person, in army history in did not find the record to him.

Poplar the 566 groups of old place 1 be judged to be great merit to connect repeatedly that day, when the stage that receive award walking up since Yang En very composed, because he feels,oneself are 1 even. The comrade-in-arms that connects completely, not be death is in the mountain ridge of iron former front, it is namely in rear hospital, be in look at oneself. Just raise the hand that taking bandage when him on salute of the brim of a hat when, the person of the full-court in applause cried.

They weep in the comrade-in-arms that can be on the stage that receive award no longer for those.

That yam ground

People who volunteer to fight in another country ” live wire signs up for ” edit Dong Rentang to recollect, on July 8, 1942, glue east fair learn partial teachers and students by the Japanese army ” sweeping ” army is surrounded in the Zhong Jia that grind hill, the students that do not have a weapon lie in ground of a yam, concealmented two days overnight.

Lie in the nervous hour in field ditch in everybody, his classmate Wang Zhizhong raises a head to come suddenly, ask: “You say, small ground on such half hillside, how does the tractor come up in the future cultivate? ” this word, let a lot of glue east fair learned classmate remain fresh in one’s memory. And him Wang Zhizhong is done not have when Zhou En comes the hour that the premier offers 4 modernization, he stands fast in this iron front of Yu Lianchuan of the die in the last ditch in primary fight, after the incendiary of U.S. Army plane explodes, the remains that connects him nowhere look for.

Remember him suddenly

Of a war ring down the curtain to a country, it is hour of a warmth it seems that, however, to the soldier on each battlefield, experience absolutely not identical. The author asks veteran Tang Manyang is removed what is that day experience.

Tang Manyang quite a while is reticent, slowly before walking along a window, say to the author suddenly: “Su Quanming was taking a position that will receive me repeatedly that day. I say, the artillery piece of American is hit so that did not count, this battles dozen come down to be able to be hanged, laosu, you have what word, say with me, I am brought back to you. Su Quanming says, you are fast go down, my have nothing to do. Ask him again, he still says, it is good that I do not have what say, here too dangerous, you are fast go down. Just walked along the foot of a hill, abrupt artillery piece rang, concentration calls our position. I listen to not be at ease more more, sound of prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a panbig gun stops, run toward position rapidly. Look to position, su Quanming and his political instructor let artillery shell die to scamper… “

Tang Manyang sucked a tone, sound was taken shook, “I took me that coat, built a face to go up to him. ” Tang Manyang reachs a hand, both hands made an enclothed motion unusually gently to air, asing if is what is touched below that with respect to can broken thing. “This moment, the command of backtrack handed down. The command of backtrack handed down..

Just know later, su Quanming is old partner of Tang Manyang, special grade hero, when hitting Dou Jiashan, two people lead two element of dare-to-die troops with respect to cent.

Silent quite a while, tang Manyang slowly say: “The thing that fight, with respect to respecting here, or else said after, ? In the heart too afflictive… “


The Chinese soldier that pursues and attack courageously in ice and snow of long ferry lake lets the world know, walk into the Chinese’s orbit when the war, we are not awe-stricken any enemies; Position of iron former flaming lets the world know likewise, everything occupies even if windward, still want to pay the heaviest price with the Chinese’s battle. All these is declaring be about to the body that the people of male crouch east is having him continuously loftily, from now on, again neither one country can comment easily pair of China battle such topic.